Easly How to Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader without Request UBL 100% Done

The bootloader is a code that must be executed by the operating system (OS) starting, discussed on the Xiaomi Device that we will discuss this time. By unlocking the Xiaomi device, you can make changes to your Android operating system.

Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader

But the risk is clear, you will no longer get updates and security support directly from Xiaomi.
Why do you have to open Bootloader on devices that were issued by the latest Xiaomi, this is because Xiaomi wants to improve the security of their devices so that they cannot be infiltrated by malware or devices that support it, as well as Install other parties' Recovery and Custom ROMs.
Unlock Bootloader Successfully
Unlock Bootloader Successfully

Guaranteed charred Hardbrick Bootloop is not our responsibility
The general Xiaomi unlock bootloader steps are as follows:

  1. Create Mi Account;
  2. Download Mi Unlock Tools; Download Here
  3. Minimal ADB and Fastboot: Download Here
  4. Enter fastboot mode, then connect to PC / laptop; How To Enter Fastboot Mode
  5. Unlock with Mi Unlock Tools.
  6. Done
Follow the stages of the process as follows

Step 1 - Activate Developer Options

Switch to the Xiaomi phone you have, before you have to activate the developer option

Just go to Settings > About, Then you tap on the MIUI Version section about seven times until the developer option notification appears active.

Step 2 - Enter Developer Options

To access Developer Options, you just go to Settings> Additional settings> Developer options.
To start unlocking your bootloader, just select the Mi Unlock Status

Step 3 - Activate the Mi Unlock Status

After entering Mi Unlock settings, a permission pop-up will appear and you tap the Agree option.
Before activating the Mi Unlock Status, make sure you use a SIM card with the number registered in the SIM 1 slot and activate the internet data plan (not WiFi).
Then you just tap the Add account and device button, then the process will run and wait for the notification to appear "Successfully added. Mi account linked to this device now".
If a message fails, then make sure you have followed the steps above correctly.

Step 5 - Activate USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Return to Developer Options and to activate the option Unlock OEM and USB Debugging on your Xiaomi mobile.

Step 6 - Open the Mi Unlock Tools

Extract the Mi Unlock Tools file> Open the extracted folder and then right-click on miflash_unlock then open with Run as administrator.
Before you start using Mi Unlock Tools, you must read and agree to the disclaimer given. If you already understand, you can just click Agree.

Step 7 - Enter Fastboot Mode

Return to your cellphone, then you must enter fast boot mode. First turn off your device first. Turn it back on by pressing the power + volume down button

Step 8 - Connect Xiaomi Phone with PC / Laptop

Then connect the Xiaomi phone to the PC / laptop with the USB cable that was provided earlier. If so, make sure the status changes to "Phone connected".
Here you can immediately unlock the bootloader by clicking the Unlock button. If a pop-up appears, you just click Unlock anyway.

If successful, a notification will appear "Unlocked successfully" and you just click Reboot the phone to restart Xiaomi as usual

Step 9 - Done

Note If the notification appears "Couldn't unlock. After 72 hours of trying to unlock the device" the bootloader unlock process fails.Take it easy, here you just try again after 72 hours or approximately the next 3 days.

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