New Iphone 11

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI) in the autumn of 2019. While there is no official news from Apple, the factory rumors have begun to give us an idea of what we should expect from the latest smartphone from Apple.
New Iphone 11

IPhone 11 Release date

Apple usually introduces a new iPhone every September, and it seems that 2019 is being formed no different.

Following the patterns on 2017 and 2018, Apple is widely expected to debut three new Iphones at 2019 – and it sounds as if one of the biggest changes could be a three-lens camera system.

The launch of Apple's iPhone attracted massive attention from news outlets, consumers, and Wall Street, and it would have been a case more than ever on 2019 when the company was grappling with the decline in iPhone sales.

If following the trends of the past, the next Apple phone will be released in autumn 2019. Apple will likely announce it with Apple Watch Series 5 at an event in September. The general rule is that the latest phone will start selling about two weeks after the release date. Preorder will like to start Friday after the announcement. The iPhone enhancement Program is a popular and affordable way to ensure you have the latest mobile phones every year.

IPhone 11 Price

We don't yet know the official price of the next iPhone, but it will likely be similar to what we saw with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Prices are likely to start from $999 and up for additional storage or for larger screens. We expect storage from 64GB with additional options for 256GB and 512GB. We don't expect Apple to offer a 1TB option this year.

If Apple offers a low-cost iPhone this year (similar to XR), it will likely start at $749 and go up the price for additional storage.

Apple said in its fiscal second quarter earnings report that iPhone revenues dropped again compared to the same quarter last year, down from $37.6 billion in the second quarter of 2018 to $31.1 billion in Q2 2019. Although other areas of the product grew – like its service business, reaching an all-time high income of $11.5 billion – the iPhone is still the largest moneymaker of Apple.

IPhone 11 Features

New Iphone 11

As expected, iPhone 11 will be shipped with iOS 13. iOS 13 is expected to be announced at WWDC 2019. Previous rumors showed Apple would send two new iPhone models with a 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED display. There are also rumors that it will be shipped with a three-camera system.

Three-lens camera system.

The new high-end IPhone, most likely the successor to iPhone XS Max, will be the only one in the Apple lineup of 2019 to showcase this three-lens camera system, according to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.
New Iphone 11 Triple Camera
New Iphone 11 Triple Camera

But it is possible that Apple can release two new Iphones with three cameras this year, according to the Japanese Apple news blog Mac Otakara. Bloomberg also said, the cheaper Apple iPhone can finally get this three cameras, but it is not clear when it will happen. Last year, the Taiwan news outlets United Daily News also reported that Apple is working on a new iPhone with three lenses.

The third lens can allow the iPhone to capture a larger field of view and better zoom shots, Bloomberg said.

Some features of IPhone 11 to be improved

  • Enhanced face ID.
  • Includes fast charging.
  • Ability to charge other devices.
  • The battery is larger.
  • Possibility of switching to USB-C.
  • New color option for iPhone XR Apple sequel.
  • New processors, improved batteries, and other changes.
  • The ability to stream Bluetooth audio to two devices simultaneously.
  • Sharper selfie camera.
  • The camera sensors are redesigned.
That's some rumors of the New Iphone 11 that will be released Apple shortly, so be patient to wait for the surprises that will be given by the company that was founded by 'Steve Job''

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