OnePlus 7 review

OnePlus 7 is that the most balanced phone you may in all probability hold in your hands this year. It's got a style that works with some minor touch-ups, a good viewing expertise, sheer power under the hood and good try of cameras that will not allow you to miss any moment. By combining these components with OxygenOS optimizations, we've got an excellent flagship phone that will the fundamentals right and then some.
OnePlus 7 Review
OnePlus 7 Review

OnePlus fans the OnePlus 7 looks quite familiar this design is almost identical to last year's model the OnePlus6t with a glass back and an aluminum frame, a shiny mirror, gray and the curved and tapered back looks quite elegant and smooth,  a fingerprint magnet and the camera bump does cause some wobble on a flat surface so maybe a case would be a good idea.
Design OnePlus 7 Review
Design OnePlus 7 Review


Cosmetically, there aren’t many variations between the OnePlus 7 and 6T, aside from the perceptibly projecting camera module and therefore the wide mesh for speakers. Other than the larger detector, there doesn’t appear to be a logical reason behind this increase in the dimension of the camera module, that also houses the LED flash currently.

Display OnePlus 7 Review
Display OnePlus 7 Review


AMOLED display with 1080p resolution the bezels are slim and there's a small water drop notch up at the top which you do have the option to hide you get those super deep AMOLED blacks and content looks great next brightness in manual mode is good the same as last year oneplus  6T at 443 nits but now you get a boost up to 642 nits and automotive bright conditions color accuracy is also impressive.

Settings there is something like an always-on display though not quite it only lights up if you move or tap on the phone or receive a notification an improvement over last year is the inclusion of stereo speakers on the OnePlus 7 it's a hybrid setup with the earpiece acting as a second speaker
quality overall is pretty nice loudness is very good and sound is rich [Applause]

Camera OnePlus 7 Review
Camera OnePlus 7 Review


One of the more significant changes on the OnePlus 7 comes in the form of its upgraded cameras. The primary 48MP camera uses a ½-inch Sony IMX586 sensor with a 6-element lens giving it an f/1.7 aperture. There’s a secondary 5MP camera which works in tandem with the main camera unit, to assist it in creating pictures with a depth-of-field effect. Furthermore, this is supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

The oneplus 7 has a dual camera setup there's a 48 megapixel main camera the quad Bayer filter and OIS and a 5 megapixel depth sensor sadly unlike most of its competitors there's no telephoto or wide-angle can hear regular shots come out in 12 megapixels and the ones we took in good light look great they have nice detail basically no noise good contrast vibrant colors and wide dynamic range about the same quality as on the oneplus 7 pro you do have the option in Pro Mode to switch to shooting in 48 megapixels but there isn't much point in doing so these take up way more space and you don't get that much more detail.

OnePlus 7 supports 4k video recording from the main camera up to 60fps video quality is decent with
accurate colors good contrast and little noise dynamic range is also good we've seen better detail from the competition though videos in both 4k and 1080p at 30fps have electronic stabilization which does a great job in smoothing out your footage at the expense of a small reduction in the field of view.

Performa OnePlus 7 Review
Performa OnePlus 7 Review


If you’d have asked Pine Tree State, the OnePlus 6T was far and away the quickest phone of 2018 in my opinion. The OnePlus seven simply hits it out of the ballpark once it involves speed. No to say the buttery slick expertise one will expertise on the OnePlus seven professional, our regular chap here isn't any less and might flex its muscles with equal ease.

While you're playing games will run quite well too thanks to the top-of-the-line Snapdragon a 55 chipset with either six or eight gigs of RAM the Adreno 640 GPU handles graphically intensive tasks with ease and performance in benchmarks it's in line with the other flagships running on the snapdragon 855 that is to say excellent the oneplus 7 has a 37 hundred million power battery and though it isn't the largest power pack out there these days it's performance is impressive it posted
an excellent endurance rating of a hundred and two hours in our proprietary tests the battery also charges up quite quickly using the 20 watt fast charger we were able to go from 0 to 55 percent
in half an hour 


So that's the one plus 7 overall it's a great flagship phone you get a brilliant AMOLED screen awesome performance stereo speakers excellent battery life and a nice camera as far as shortcomings go there is a lack of a headphone jack storage isn't expandable and you don't have water resistance but these are about par for the course for oneplus phones these days but probably the biggest concern about the 1 + 7 is where it sits in the market place it's hard not to compare it to phones which pack a
triple camera setup and their competitors which offers similar high quality features for less money phones are just getting too good these days so although the 1 + 7 is a great phone you don't need a price reduction before it earns our full recommendation thanks

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