Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review : The galaxy a5 is not necessarily a bargain with the price north of 400 dollars or Euros, But Samsung was obviously keen to position this phone a notch higher than last year's a Series build quality and looks is one particular area, where the galaxy a5 can stand up to flagship grade scrutiny, Samsung's glass and metal combination is getting as refined with each iteration and we admit we're fans of this design.

The curves on the back make the Samsung Galaxy A5 a joy to handle, we also like the way the glass surface on the back feels if only in wearing such as smudge vest on the front, We find again a fingerprint reader embedded in the home button and it works just as well as on the s7, Which means it's dependable but not the fastest.

Samsung Galaxy A5 uses the latest USB C

We've seen the loudspeaker is placed on the right side of the phone right over the power button we're glad to see the good ol 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, the Samsung Galaxy A5 uses the latest USB C port, something the samsung Galaxy S7 doesn't even have there's even a microSD slot on the top of the phone to expand the existing storage,

One of the most notable changes with the a5 2017 is the always-on display which comes with the same level of functionality as on the s7 , In addition to the clock or the calendar it will also show app notification icons a less obvious upgrade is the IP 68 certified dust and water resistant a rare feature on a mid-range device even
in the premium segment.

The AMOLED screen on the front delivers a traditional punch in contrast in colors, but there's also a super color accurate screen mode for the time as you need one the screen brightness is as high as on the galaxy s7, and even though our camera will often
capture the backlight pulsating this is not something you'd notice in person the a5 2017 fared better than the s7 in all of our screen

On battery tests the galaxy a5 ships with Android 6.0 point 1 marshmallow which is surprising for a new device but an Android nougat update. Is reportedly heading around the corner the UI on the new a5 has seen some changes compared to what we have on the s7 the update is called grace UX and while it doesn't look all that different it comes with a few new features for one there's 3d touch a longer press on an app icon offers you several options unfortunately the functionality is still basic and not tied to a particular app

The Galaxy a5uses a brand-new Exynos chip set and we
were eager to test out how it performed. it's an improved version of the older external chip used in the j7 2016 and the a3 2017, Our tests showed that the new chipset performs quite similarly to the snapdragon 625, The two often trade the leading spot depending on which benchmark can use, and the difference is never huge the only area where the Exynos chipset is the undisputed leader is the graphics.

Camera performance is important and unfortunately there is still no 4k video recording the 1080p video we recorded turned out quite good with mesh levels of detail and low noise colors are rendered quite nicely as well, But we feel the lack of video stabilization is unacceptable, the image quality from the main camera is quite good and the photos have little noise and pleasantly,

Vivid colors the selfie camera is another 16 megapixel sensor and while the images it takes are really good, it has such a shallow depth of focus that you need to pay extra attention to position yourself in the cameras fixed focal range, so it's time to wrap this up the Galaxy a5 has an excellent design and build quality and a top-notch display , you also can't beat the waterproofing, for the extra peace of mind it offers the defining feature of this a5 must be the power efficiency, that comes with the 40 nanometer chipset there's only one thing
that's wrong with the a5 2017 and that's the dual of average performing cameras but just because you get served one average dish out of an otherwise excellent full course meal does it mean that you can enjoy the experience and we surely did enjoy every minute with the latest Galaxy a5 
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