Download BST Dongle V3.51.00 Update Feature

BST Dongle V3.51.00

Added OPPO OFP firmware format flashing, without account.
Without modifying original factory flashing records. (Exclusive)
Added OPPO A77, A77t deep erase (Factory Reset)
Fixed some Xiaomi and VIVO models "Send loader failed" error

Added OPPO OFP format firmware flashing, without account. Without modify orignal factory flashing records. (Exclusive)

  • R11(16051), R11t(16052), R11PlusT(16102), R11Plus(16103), R11Pluskt(16116), R11Plus(16118)
  • R9s(16017), R9sk(16027), R9skt(16028),R9st(16018), R9sPlus(16037), R9sPlust(10636)
  • X9079, CPH1607(16317)
  • A77(17001),A77t(17002)
  • CPH1701 - A57(16361)
  • A57 (16061), A57t(16062)
  • Added OPPO A77, A77t deep erase (Factory Reset)

Optimizing and Bug Fixing

Fixed some Xiaomi and VIVO Send loader failed error.
Fixed installer package error when adb.exe is running
Fixed Samsung Write QCN bug
Optimized logging information for Partition Tool
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