Canon Camera Firmware Update All Types

Do you know that digital cameras are in principle the same as the computers or laptops we have? Digital cameras also have a processor like a computer, and digital cameras also run with software such as computers.
Canon Camera Firmware Update All Types

Software used to control cameras is generally called firmware.

The latest firmware is usually released by the camera manufacturer to overcome some bugs and also add some new features that are considered important.

So it never hurts if we upgrade our favorite Canon camera firmware to function better.

How to check the firmware on the camera: Menu> Setup> Firmware Version

How to update the firmware already provided tutorials too, so do not be confused how to update, just go to the link below
You can DOWNLOAD the firmware here Canon Firmware

Here is the latest Firmware Version available:


Firmware Version Update

EOS-1D Ver. 1.4.0
EOS-1D Mark II Ver. 1.2.6
EOS-1D Mark II N Ver. 1.1.2
EOS-1D Mark III Ver. 1.3.0
EOS-1Ds Ver. 1.0.3
EOS-1Ds Mark II Ver. 1.1.6
EOS-1Ds Mark III Ver. 1.2.0
EOS 5D Ver. 1.1.1
EOS 10D Ver. 2.0.1
EOS 20D Ver. 2.0.3
EOS 30D Ver. 1.0.6
EOS 40D Ver. 1.1.1
EOS 300D Ver. 1.1.1
EOS 350D Ver. 1.0.3
EOS 400D Ver. 1.1.1
EOS 450D Ver. 1.1.0
EOS 550D Ver. 1.0.9
EOS 1000D Ver. 1.0.7
EOS D60 Ver. 1.0.4
EOS D30 Ver.
WFT- E1 Ver. 2.0.1
WFT- E2 Ver. 2.0.0
WFT- E3 Ver. 2.0.0
PowerShot A300 Ver.
PowerShot A10 Ver.
PowerShot A20 Ver.
PowerShot A60 Ver.
PowerShot A70 Ver.
PowerShot A75 Ver.
PowerShot G1 Ver.
PowerShot G2 Ver.
PowerShot G3 Ver.
PowerShot G5 Ver.
PowerShot G10 Ver.
PowerShot Pro 1 Ver.
PowerShot Pro 90IS Ver.
PowerShot S10 Ver.
PowerShot S30 Ver.
PowerShot S40 Ver.
PowerShot S45 Ver.
PowerShot S50 Ver.
PowerShot S70 Ver.
PowerShot S1 IS Ver.
PowerShot SX1 IS Ver.
PowerShot SX130 IS Ver.
Digital IXUS Ver.
Digital IXUS v Ver.
Digital IXUS v3 Ver.
Digital IXUS 300 Ver.
Digital IXUS 400 Ver.
Digital IXUS II Ver. 2.0.1
Digital IXUS 50 Ver.
Digital IXUS 700 Ver.
Digital IXUS 870IS Ver.
Digital IXUS Wireless Ver.
CP510 Ver. 8.53
CP710 Ver. 9.53

Firmware Version Version Update
PowerShot A40 AF Adjustment
PowerShot A30 AF Adjustment
PowerShot A20 AF Adjustment
PowerShot A10 AF Adjustment

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