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Firmware Oppo A37F Update OTA and Update MSMDownloadTool

Firmwarezip - Flashing Oppo A37. For this firmware file, we present it with several options and we complete it with tools. For those of you who want to update via the Oppo Recovery or OTA menu, we will also serve the files that you need.

Firmware Oppo A37F

While the other file you can use to flash via the MSM Download Tool.

We are trying to share an OTA update file which can later be used as material for my friends who feel they just want to upgrade.

This can also make you an ingredient in other solutions such as when your smartphone has an error. Actually it's easier to choose this method because my friend only needs a microSD as a place to store files.

Another convenience is, my friend just enough to prepare one firmware and is able to fix software problems that occur with the Oppo A37 smartphone.

If it turns out that the condition of your smartphone has a problem that is quite complicated such as the pattern can not be deleted and maybe the phone password.

Here are two files which are materials that you can use to flash. Two files consist of OTA updates and files for flashing with the tool. We also present USB drivers as a complement if you choose to flash via PC / laptop.

Latest Software Version for Oppo A37
Update Date: 08-20-2019
Size: 1GB
Software Update via ColorOSRecovery
Download via Mediafire

Update Date: 03-25-2019
Size: 1.28GB
Software Update via ColorOSRecovery
Download via Mediafire

Update Date: 04-28-2019
Size: 1.28GB
Software Update via ColorOSRecovery
Download via Support

Version number: A37fEX_11_OTA_010_all_20160804.zip
Update Date: N / A
Size: 2GB
Software Update via ColorOSRecovery
Download via 4Shared

Firmware OPPO A37 flash via DownloadTool
Version number: A37f & A37fw_MSMDownloadTool.zip
Size: 1.29GB
Download via Mediafire

USB Driver QUD.WIN.1.1_Setup.zip
Download via Mediafire

For those who do the update and the notification "" the installed version lower than current "", please use the OTA firmware with the highest version. Unless you want to flash with the Tool and you might not get an error.

The guide for flashing via PC / laptop with MSM DownloadTool that we just reviewed. If my friend today feels difficulties with bootloop problems and does not work by flash via recovery, this step can be the next action that you can choose.

Also note that all the guidelines that we have discussed are as detailed as possible so please read and follow the steps carefully according to existing procedures. We have added a video as an additional tutorial and this is a video of our results flashing the Oppo A37f when the smartphone has a pattern problem that needs to be verified.
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