How to update your Canon EOS R Firmware

Firmware is very important for your camera and lens, it can update and improve feature sets and improve performance. Updating the firmware is relatively fast and painless, but before you start there is a little preparation you need to do.

How to update your Canon EOS R Firmware
Make sure your battery is fully charged. Canon has a battery level check before a firmware update is applied, so if you forget the update it will remind you.

The latest firmware updates for cameras can be found on the Canon EOS R product support page -

Just click R to access firmware, manuals, etc.

After you go through the process of downloading the firmware file you must copy it to an empty SD Card.

The easiest way to ensure that the card is prepared for firmware is to format it on the camera. Make sure you have deleted all images, videos and files from the card before you do this.

Pop a blank card into the Canon EOS R, then tap Menu, scroll to the Spanner (Set-up) icon and page 1 and select 'Format Card', click OK and finish.

Download the firmware for the EOS R:

How to update Canon EOS R Firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware from Canon
  2. Format the SD Card on the camera
  3. Insert an SD Card in your computer
  4. Copy the Firmware downloaded to the SD Card
  5. Insert the SD Card back into the Canon EOS R
  6. Turn on and tap Menu
  7. Scroll to options on page 6 of the Spanner section
  8. Scroll down to 'Firmware' and select
  9. Select 'Camera Firmware'
  10. Follow the instructions on the screen and click
After a few moments, the firmware will be installed from the card to the camera.

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