Samsung Will Launch an Under Display Camera Phone Next Year!

Samsung's Under Display Camera Phone
Talk of a bezel-less phone has been swirling in recent months, and companies are in a never-ending
race of increasing the screen to body ratio of their smartphone.

That lead these companies to introduce the small bezels, notches, holes, motorized setups
and some companies are even going as far as to wrap a display all over the phone to take
that screen to body ratio count higher.

Yes, it looks distinctly futuristic but you know there's one thing common in all of these
approaches and it's that they are not a perfect solution in achieving that true all screen

The perfect solution would be hiding the front camera underneath the display.
Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo have already showcased this technology on a smartphone
albeit on a prototype device.

Obviously, Samsung is also working on this type of tech, I said obvious because Samsung
is the one who makes displays for almost every other OEM.

The difference between them and other Chinese OEMs is that they don't showcase the technology
until it's ready for consumers.

The one Xiaomi and Oppo showcased are still prototypes which means you can't buy them.
Anyway, Ice Universe tweeted out today that Samsung's under-display camera smartphone
is coming next year itself.

The last time we heard it was expected to come in 2021 but I guess plans have changed
and they are considering a 2020 launch, even the Korean media is saying the same thing
that the mass production of these under-display camera panels will go on later this year itself.

And that's the reason the industry sources are saying that it's going to be unveiled
in the first half of next year.

Korean media is saying the Galaxy Fold 2 will be the one to introduce this tech to the masses.
You see Samsung is using the same laser drilling technology as they used for the S10 and note
10 but it's the second generation of that technology that will be used on the Galaxy
Fold 2 which is called Hole in active area 2.

Right now according to industry sources, the light when it passes through the polyamide
display of the fold and into the camera, it creates blurry and yellowish images.

The blurry part can be countered with a transparent display but the yellowish tinge requires work
on the camera software.

Samsung is working on to create a new camera algorithm that will make sure the final images
coming out of this camera are yellow and blur-free.

And the reports are indicating that the camera algorithm will be ready in the first half
of 2020.

Now Ice Universe has a little different take on this.

He says to not expect this display panel on the Galaxy S11 or the Galaxy Fold 2 which
doesn't go in line with what the Korean media is saying.

Ice universe has a great track record so I'm not ruling out the possibility of this camera
tech not showing up on the Fold 2.

But if you ask me, it makes sense for Samsung to experiment with this tech on a device like
the Galaxy Fold 2.

Look, the Fold 2 is going to be expensive as the original fold and not a lot of people
would buy it.

So Samsung is at less risk if something goes wrong with the under-display camera tech on
the Fold 2 compared to a device like the Galaxy Note 11.

I don't think Samsung would experiment this with their midrange A series of devices because
the under-display camera is too big of a feature to be put on a mid-range device like the Galaxy
A so it only makes sense to put this on the Galaxy Fold 2 first.

Anyway, assuming that the reports are actually true, what do you think would be the handset
to have an under display camera if not the S11?

Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy Note 11 or their midrange device, do let me know in the comments
and also consider subscribing to keep up with this news and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace

Samsung's Under Display Camera Phone

Samsung has increasingly insisted on developing a sophisticated front-camera technology so that the phone's screen can be full without notch and ' Tompel '. How to design the camera at the bottom of the screen.

Smart phone design is growing, ranging from thick bezel, thinning, emerging trend notch, to full screen. The full-back screen phone uses ' tricks ' with a pop-up camera to punch-hole.

Well, from the scattered leaked, Samsung was planning on releasing the front camera technology at the bottom of the screen on 2020.

Hosted by local Korean site The Elec, this rumor was strongly related to the VP of Samsung Mobile Communication R&D Yang Byung-Duk a few months ago.

Byung-Duk told that the company is developing the front camera hole becomes invisible. So unlike the Galaxy S10 that still leaves the front camera design like ' Tompel ', this time Samsung will really realize a full sailing phone.

From a variety of sources, Samsung used a machine named Hole in Active Area (HiAA1) to manufacture the display of mobile phones flagship in the year.

Samsung has reportedly received a HiAA2 device which will be used to assemble a camera that can be embedded beneath the screen next year.

Then what phone will be caught by the camera below this screen?

The Elec claims it could have been a second volume folding screen phone, Galaxy Fold 2. However there is a different claim from the Ice Universe's scavenger leak.

According to him, the camera under this screen is not for Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy S11 phones.

Previously, Oppo became a smartphone brand that first showcased this technology on its prototype device. Unfortunately there is no further certainty when Oppo intends to market this phone to consumers.
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