How to update HikVision Firmware

Here's how to upgrade your HikVision or NVR camera to the latest firmware version in just nine simple steps:

How to update HikVision Firmware

Step 1: Download the latest HikVision firmware to your PC.

Step 2: Extract the Digicap. Dav file (which is the actual firmware file) of the zip file you downloaded.

Step 3: Copy the Digicap. Dav file to your PC's root folder, e.g. C://

Step 4: Explore NVR, camera, etc. -Use Internet Explorer:

Step 5: Sign in and navigate to configuration-> maintenance (screenshot attached below)

Step 6: Scroll to the bottom of the screen you will see Firmware Upgrade.

Step 7: Click the Browse button on the right.

Step 8: Browse and select the file Digicap. DAV in your C://drive.

Step 9: Click ' Upgrade '.

I have seen reports that you can not do a leap of updates, but I myself did not run into problems for some time (applies to older firmware old models). If you didn't manage to upgrade from your current version to the latest version in one step, please try a temporary release.

How to update HikVision Firmware

Additional Useful tips:

  1. Use your PC
  2. Use a wired connection-PC and Camera/NVR wired to your network
  3. Use the Internet Explorer browser (not Edge)
  4. Move the Digicap. dav file to your C://folder (root your HDD)
  5. If you select/Download the firmware for the camera family or the wrong device, you will see an error message stating- "file mismatch type upgrade "

HikVision Firmware Update using Internet Explorer on your PC


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