How to update the Sony A7 III Firmware 3.0

Sony a7iii firmware 3.00 (updated) Sony officially released the new A7rIII and A7III firmware updates!
ILCE-7M3 System Software (Firmware) Update to version 3.01

New Firmware update for Sony α7 III and Sony α7R III improves Eye AF capability and adds Interval shooting for time lapse

v3.00 (04-11-2019)

  • It is not possible to detect human and animal eyes simultaneously
  • Eye detection may not be possible and depends on the environment, animal type, and movement of the animal
  • Allows you to operate the real-time EYE AF by half-pressing the shutter button or by pressing the AF-ON button
  • Adds the Interval Shooting function
  • Allows operation with the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT (sold separately)
  • Allows you to assign the [MENU] to a custom key
  • Allows [MENU] tab operation with the Fn button
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera
B#File Info Firmware Win

File Name # ILCE-7M3 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 3.01 (Windows) ( Link Here ) 
File Version  # 3.01
File Size #  291 MB (306,109,648 bytes)
Release Date # 05-16-2019

C#File Info Firmware MAC

File Name ILCE-7RM3 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver. 3.01 (Mac) ( Link Here )
File Version 3.01
File Size 304.8 MB (304,839,131 bytes)
Release Date 05-16-2019

D#How to download the Updater:

Make sure you're logged in as a user with administrative rights.
  • After reading the disclaimer, click Download.
  • Before downloading the software, we recommend you create a Sony account. After creating a Sony account or signing in with your Sony account, download the software (for customers in the US).
  • The file [Update_ILCE7M3V301. exe] will start downloading.
  • Save the file to your computer's desktop (recommended).
    NOTE: For Windows users 8.1/10: With the default Internet Explorer settings, the update files will be saved in your downloads folder. Click the Desktop tile from the start screen and find the downloaded file in the Downloads folder using Explorer.
E#How to update the Sony A7

Step 1: Start a new developer
  1. Close all programs that are currently running on your computer.
  2. Double-click the [Update_ILCE7M3V301. exe] file that you downloaded. Do not connect the camera to the computer.
  3. System software updates are initiated.
  4. System software Updates
  5. Turn on the camera.
  6. Following the instructions in the window System Software Updater, on the camera, select  "Menu " >  "Setup subpage [4] " >  "USB connection " and make sure  "Mass Storage " is selected.
  7. STAGE3-Mass Storage
  8. Connect the camera to a computer with the supplied USB cable.  "USB Mode " appears on the camera's LCD screen.
NOTE: If the computer cannot find the device, the message  "Cannot find the camera for this update" is displayed on the computer screen. Please try the following:

Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it.

If the computer has multiple USB terminals, try with another terminal.
Sometimes when the camera is connected to a computer with a USB cable, a message prompting you to restart the computer may be displayed. In this case, unplug the battery pack from the camera, reboot the computer, and follow the instructions from "2. Start system software update  ".
Check the camera's LCD screen and click Next. The current version number and the updated version number appear on the lower left side of the screen. After confirming that the current version of the software is  "Ver. 3.00 or earlier ", click Next. If the current system software version is 3.01 or later, no updates are required. In this case, disconnect the camera from the computer and click Finish. Turn the camera off, remove the battery, reinsert the battery and turn the camera back on.

Required Updates:
System Software Update-current version
No updates are required:
Click Next. The following screen appears.
Automatically reset the camera
After resetting it automatically, the progress bar appears during the update process (about 5 minutes).
Update progress bar

NOTE: Never turn off the camera or unplug the USB cable when updating.
When the update is complete, the device will automatically restart. Make sure the device is turned on and wait until the LCD screen is illuminated. Click Finish when the LCD screen appears and disconnect the USB cable.
Click Finish
After restarting, the data recovery warning is sometimes displayed. It's normal. Please wait until this warning is lost.
Restore data.  Please wait...

Sony's acclaimed α7 III and α7R III mirrorless cameras have received compelling firmware updates – Software version 3.0 – which enhances real-time eye AF performance and adds real-time animal AF and interval shooting for time lapse.

Real-Time Eye AF
Software version 3.0 brings Real-time Eye-AF to α7R III and Α7 III, an AI-driven eye detection system based on machine learning outcomes. 

Through machine learning, Sony has created a system that can detect — and focus on — the human eye even if the subject is looking down, partially obstructed in frame, spinning or backlit. This feature is available in AF-C mode by pressing the shutter button half full.

Real-time Animal eye AF
As with human eye recognition, Software Version 3.0 delivers AI-based animal eye detection to Sony cameras for the first time. Advanced subject recognition allows α7 III and α7R III to detect and track the eyes of animals, and is the first step in a powerful animal tracking AF system.

The performance development of Animal Eye AF will continue, increasing the range of animals recognized by the system as well as system capabilities to track their movements.

Interval shooting
This new software adds a built-in interval timer, which allows photographers to easily capture and create time-lapse movies. New features can be set to anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds, with the total number of shots from 1 to 9999. AE tracking sensitivity is available to be adjusted to  "Height ",  "medium " or  "low " to reduce changes in exposure.
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