Samsung Galaxy A70 Review: Worth buying because of its large battery and beautiful appearance

Hey everyone, over the past year and a half the smartphone mid-range has become incredibly competitive flagship feature has been brought down to more affordable phones and Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi have been hitting hard in 2018, However Samsung sort of missed the mark and now they're trying to up their mid-range game with their newest a series, However the 400 euro or 400 dollar depending on where you live price segment is incredibly competitive so what does the ACE 70 offer you for the money I'm Andrean for and this is our Samsung Galaxy a7 deep review.

Samsung A70

Galaxy A70 while enjoying design

The Galaxy A70 while enjoying is like a larger version of the Galaxy A50. Both phones look quite identical thanks to the display of a water-less bezel on the front and curved glasstic rear panels. So, the design is quite generic and commonplace now, but anyway comfortable and looks good.

The front of the Galaxy A70 while enjoying are mostly all screens and there are many. Samsung has done well to reduce the bezel across the screen, including making the chin really thin, to offer a very large and deep look so you won't be able to distract.

A70 samsung

3D Curved back Panel makes this device comfortable to hold, which is very helpful considering it is a high and wide phone. Despite its large size, the phone turns out to be mild at 183 grams making it easy to hold for a long time. The back is clean and minimal with just Samsung branding and three plus camera settings plus.

Samsung offers the Galaxy A70 while enjoying in black, blue, coral and white colors. The color has a slight gradient, a prism effect so you will see colors like a rainbow when looking at it from a certain angle under the light. The black colored Unit we received was actually greyish and similar to the Galaxy A50. Samsung uses a good quality plastic panels that look like glass. This will not be scratched too quickly but will register fingerprints and stains.

For phones of this amount, Samsung has noticed its ergonomics as well. Instead of placing a high power button on the side of the frame, it sits comfortably in the middle, letting you achieve more naturally. However, you may have to re-adjust your hands to reach the volume buttons as they are slightly higher.

I am glad to see a three card slot for two Nano SIM cards and a microSD card. Samsung also stores a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom next to the Type-C port. You also get a single speaker grille at the bottom.

Galaxy A70 while enjoying screen

A70 screen
A70 screen

The Galaxy A70 while enjoying offers a view for media addicts. At 6.7 inches, this is one of the biggest displays you will find south of Rs 30,000. In addition to the high screen, you also get Super AMOLED panel quality assurance. The Galaxy A70 while enjoying uses an Infinity-U screen with tear drops to accommodate a selfie camera. With just such a huge look, you won't be bothered by notches so you have an amazing widescreen experience.

One of the activities centered on a smartphone is to enjoy content and entertainment. Read news on your favorite sites, see updates from your friends on social media, or watch series and movies in your favorite streaming service. That is the daily life of most mobile users.

The above activities certainly require a mobile phone with a function that can support your daily life as the current active generation. Why not glance at Samsung Galaxy A70 while enjoying? This is the latest middle-class phone that Samsung launched not long ago.

With a 6.7-inch, attached display with no bezel between the frame, Samsung A70 while enjoying is very wide-feeling. It is certainly also supported with Super AMOLED technology embedded in it. This technology generates a Full HD screen that can display up to 16 million colors.

The Galaxy A70 while enjoying display technology delivers a high pixel density of 393 pixels per inch (ppi). This will make your experience to watch the last season of the Game of Thrones series so much more fun.

The Samsung A70 while enjoying screen is loaded with a technology called Infinity-U display. In addition to the screen design problems that can be present without a bezel, Infinity-U is also characterized by the indentation of the bangs in the upper part of the screen that is shaped U to put the front camera on the phone.
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