Delete Password (Pattern And Pin) Oppo F5 CPH1723

How to remove pattern With MRT dongle Delete Password (Pattern And Pin) F5 CPH1723
For the latest Security can not use the Volume Button, so instead must use the Test Point
  1. First, open the Back case from Oppo f5.
  2. Search Test Point (test point oppo f5) Connect with the cable to the ground when connecting to USB later.
  3. It's time you open the MRT Tool, if it can't open, please use VPN.
  4. Open MTK Special Tool >> Format (Unlock) >> Oppo Only >> Oppo_F5_Only (see picture)
  5. Click Start Connect USB Cable to Oppo F5 and Test Point in GND Position (ground) Remove after connecting

oppo f5 cph1723 test point
test point oppo f5

Oppo F5 CPH1723 Test Point
Oppo F5 CPH1723 Test Point

Disconnect Mobile...
    Re-Put the Mobile Battery...
    Then Connect your Phone to your Computer again...
    Please Make sure Mobile better has Power...
>>> Searching Mobile Port...
    Get Mobile Port is:  COM22
>>> Device driver identification:
    MediaTek USB Port_V1632
>>> Mobile Has Connect...
    CPU_NAME: MT6763
>>> Reading Mobile Hardware Info...Success
    HW_Inf:  8A00    SW_Inf:  CA01
>>> Initialization Mobile ...>>> Sending Auth File To Mobile...Success
>>> Downloading Boot1 To Mobile Phone...Success
    Mobile phone status switch to Brom...Success
    Make sure Mobile status has in: Brom...
    Init Mobile BOOT2 ...
    =====================Flash Type(eMMC)==============
    Flash   Size: 0x0000000747C00000 -> 29820M
    Flash     ID: 0x90014A4842473461
    Flash   Name: Hynix_Unknow
    Flash symbol: HBG4a2
>>> Swich Mobile to Hight Speed Re\Wr Port...
    Get Mobile Port is:  COM46
>>> Device driver identification:
    MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android)
>>> Reading Mobile Map Data...Success
>>>>Writeing Mobile data userdata ...
     The corresponding operation was completed!!!

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