Download Redmi 7 (onclite) Firmware Fastboot Recovery And OTA

Redmi 7 ROM Stock Firmware List

Global Stable ROMs

  • Global Stable V10.3.4.0.PFLMIXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • Global Stable V10.3.1.0.PFLMIXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • Global Stable V10.2.4.0.PFLMIXM / Recovery / Fastboot

EEA Stable ROMs

  • EEA Global Stable V10.3.4.0.PFLEUXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • EEA Global Stable V10.3.1.0.PFLEUXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • EEA Global Stable V10.2.8.0.PFLEUXM / Recovery / Fastboot

India Stable ROMs

  • India Stable V10.3.6.0.PFLINXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • India Stable V10.3.1.0.PFLEUXM / Recovery / Fastboot

Russia Stable ROMs

  • Russia Stable V10.3.5.0.PFLRUXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • Russia Stable V10.3.2.0.PFLRUXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • Russia Stable V10.2.5.0.PFLRUXM / Recovery / Fastboot

China Stable ROMs

  • China Stable V11.0.1.0.PFLCNXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • China Stable V10.3.2.0.PFLCNXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • China Stable V10.3.1.0.PFLCNXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • China Stable V10.2.5.0.PFLCNXM / Recovery / Fastboot
  • China Stable V10.2.2.0.PFLCNXM / Recovery / Fastboot

Download TWRP for Redmi 7: TWRP-3.3.0-0420-REDMI7-CN-wzsx150.img

The above are only stock firmware ROMs.

Download details:
Device:REDMI 7 onclite
Branch: Xiaomi/Redmi
Region: Global
MIUI version: MIUI10
Android version: 9.0 Pie

Fw.Ver :BstKey V3.51
Serial :3***-9274-****-702A
Active User:j*****m
PL2303 : NULL
Best Smart Tools, Load OK.

Scanning devices ...

dev[1]  4a653459
Model:REDMI 7
Operation:Read Device Information

System Info
Display ID:PKQ1.181021.001
System Ver:9 REL
API Level:28
Model:Redmi 7

SDCard Info
> CID:
> CSD:
> Type:
> Serial:
> Parts:60

Device Info
Serial number:4a653459
Bootloader ver:unknown
Main version:
Baseband ver:msm
GSM baseband:MPSS.TA.3.0.c1-00380-8953_GEN_PACK-1.210567.1.215514.1
Get Bluetooth info failed
WiFi interface:
WiFi MAC:20:34:fb:eb:8b:04
Root Access:No root

Time used : 7.9 s

Performed by BST V3.51.00, time used 7.9 s

Platform: msm8953, cpu abi: arm64-v8a
Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Hardware: qcom, version: F6-1
Board: msm8953, name: onc [M1810F6LG]
Brand: xiaomi, model: Redmi 7
Build id: PKQ1.181021.001, version: 9 Pie (PKQ1.181021.001), mod: onclite_global (MIUI10)
Build date: Wed Aug 21 23:44:01 WIB 2019, security patch: 2019-08-01
Build description: onc-user 9 PKQ1.181021.001 V10.3.4.0.PFLMIXM release-keys

soc(CPU):  Qualcomm Technologies, Inc SDM632
memory(RAM): 3 GB
flash locked: yes
secure boot: yes (locked)
boot state: green
crypto state: encrypted (block)
boot reason: cold
avb version: 1.1
boot serial no: 4a653459
serial no: 2Y916F398***
product serial no: 22356/19SV05901
rom zone: 2
boot hwc: Global, Global
boot hw version: 2.29.0, MP
baseband version: MPSS.TA.3.0.c1-00380-8953_GEN_PACK-1.210567.1.215514.1
ril version: Qualcomm RIL 1.0
sim state: ABSENT,ABSENT
cat:  /proc/hwinfo
android id: ad77558a870de956
client id: android-xiaomi-rev1
bt addr: 20:34:fb:eb:8b:05
wifi mac:
imei[1]: 863863047396***
imei[2]: 863863047396***
region: US
locale: id-ID
battery level: 0%
superuser: no

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