Main Board Redmi 7 Teardown by

Main Board Redmi 7 Teardown On January 10, Xiaomi launched its first smartphone-Xiaomi REDMI 7. At the product conference, Xiaomi CEO introduced the new phone. Xiaomi's new phone has a 6,26 inch display, and is powered by the Snapdragon 632. Let's trace the internal structure of this new phone.
Main Board Redmi 7
Down many times and still no crack on the screen... Good for medium games like asphalt and COD
Main Board Redmi 7 Teardown 2
Use it since June but didn't find anything worrying about the phone. Went smoothly. Cameras and colors are decent. Overall, a very good smartphone as per my expectation.

Xiaomi Schematic & Diagrams  Redmi 7 : Is waiting

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