VIVO V11I (vivo 1806) Bootloop Restart Logo Flashing With MRT

vivo V11
VIVO V11I (vivo 1806) Restart Logo Flashing in MRT

Procedure: use x21i model
VIVO V11I (vivo 1806) Bootloop Restart Logo

>> Searching Mobile Com Port...
Get Mobile Port: COM13
>> Driver Identifying name:
MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1632 (Android)
>> ÊÖ»úÁ¬½ÓÕý³£...
>> Reading Mobile Hardware info...Success
HW_Inf: 8A00 SW_Inf: CA00
>> Initializing Mobile Phone...Success
> Downloading boot1 to Mobile...Success
ÊÖ»ú״̬Çл»Îª :brom... ÊÖ»ú״̬Ϊ: preloader
È·ÈÏÊÖ»ú״̬Ϊ :brom...
Initializationing BOOT2 ...
=====================Flash ÀàÐÍ(eMMC)==============
Flash Size: 0x0000001D1EC00000 -> 119276M
Flash ID: 0x150100445636444D
Flash Name: Samsung_Unknow
Flash Code: DV6DMB
>> Reading Mobile GPT data...Success
>>Write Block preloader
>>Write Block recovery
>>Write Block survival
>>Write Block cust
>>Write Block md1img
>>Write Block spmfw
>>Write Block scp1
>>Write Block scp2
>>Write Block sspm_1
>>Write Block sspm_2
>>Write Block cam_vpu1
>>Write Block cam_vpu2
>>Write Block cam_vpu3
>>Write Block lk
>>Write Block lk2
>>Write Block boot
>>Write Block logo
>>Write Block odmdtbo
>>Write Block tee1
>>Write Block tee2
>>Write Block vendor
>>Write Block system
>>Write Block cache
>>Write Block userdata
all is done!!!
Arjun Lap
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  1. tank.s, this method ..tested by me...problem solved


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