Dark Mode on WhatsApp Update WhatsApp Messenger beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.36 beta
WhatsApp 2.20.55 beta

The dark mode or Dark mode feature starts testing in the Android version of the Instant messaging app.

However, this dark mode feature while it can only be used in the version of WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.55  Beta (Android 4.0.3 +).

If you can't download it in PlayStore because it hasn't followed the Google Play Beta program, then you can download it on the APK Mirror.

WhatsApp view after changing to dark mode or dark mode is different.
The look is no longer dominated by bright colors such as white and green.

When Dark mode is turned on, it looks dominated by dark colors, while the font color is bright.
There are some advantages of this dark mode.

According to the mirror.co.uk page, the feature is suitable for use when the environment around the user is minimal lighting.

It helps to reduce glare for people who are nearby when you're using a smartphone in a dark place.

In addition, this dark mode feature is believed to minimize tired eyes quickly.

The glare of the screen can reduce the exposure of blue light from the gadget screen that can cause tired eyes, interfere with circadian rhythm, and increase the risk of retinal damage.

Then, another advantage, this dark mode feature is believed to extend the battery usage period.
The reason, the energy used to turn the screen of the device is smaller.
For those of you who want to activate the Dark mode feature in WhatsApp, here is the step:

Download the beta version of WhatsApp.

- First, please download WhatsApp Messenger
- If it's not in PlayStore, please download it via APK Mirror.
- The size of the WhatsApp app is only 38 MB.

Here's the download link:

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.69 beta

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.63 beta


WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.55 beta

Mirror Google Drive 2-20-55

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.52 beta


Mirror Google Drive 2-20-52

WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.36 beta


WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.13 beta


WhatsApp Messenger beta


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