How to Flash Vivo Y69 via SP Flashtool And SD CARD (100% Tested)

How to flashing and download Vivo Y69 firmware/flash file using SP Flashtool which has been tested successfully fix Bootlop problems, and we provide Vivo Y69 demo unlock file, Vivo Y69 dead after flash, We also provide Vivo Y69 flash files from recovery to download If you don't have a PC by OTA Update.

Vivo y69 original firmware
Vivo y69 original firmware

Vivo Y69 Flash File

List of Available Files

✔ Flash Tool Vivo y69
    SP Flash Tool v3.1344
✔ Vivo y69 flash file from recovery sd download
✔ Vivo y63 flash file/firmware Vivo y69
    Vivo_Y69_PD1705F_MT6750_EX_A_1.7.13_V1.24_29082017.zip (2,5G)82017.zip
✔ Vivo y69 dead after flash File
    Vivo_Y69_PD1705F_MT6750_EX_A_1.8.19_26012018.zip (2,5G)
✔ Vivo y69 demo unlock file
✔ Vivo y69 original firmware
✔ Vivo y69 reset tool
    UFI Software v. Download Link
✔ Driver Vivo y69
    Driver Collection
✔ Remove Screen Lock And Bypass Vivo Y69

Flash Tool Vivo y69

SP flash tool is an application that mainly helps you to flash Stock ROM, custom recovery, and repair in some extreme cases (firmware update, Flash recovery, unbrick Android brick device, etc.). SmartPhone FlashTool works with MediaTek (MTK-based) Android smartphones. You can download SPFlashTool from our download section. You need to load the scatter file for MTK-based devices in order to function.

How to Flash Vivo Y69 via SP Flash Tool

  1. Extract the Vivo Y69 flash file stock ROM firmware and make sure you see the file format "MT6750_Android_scatter.txt".
  2. Install the Vivo Y69 driver, make sure it's installed correctly.
  3. Open and run the Flash Tool application.
  4. Click on "Scatter-loading" then navigate to the Vivo Y69 firmware folder and select file format "MT6750_Android_scatter.txt" earlier. Wait for all Vivo Y69 cellphone flash files contained in the application. Uncheck Preloader to avoid flashing failure.
  5. Position Must in "Download Only" after that click "Download" If the process is complete it will show Check Green
  6. Now, turn off your Vivo Y69 phone, wait a few seconds for HH to turn off completely.
  7. After that remove the battery press "Volume Up" and connect with
  8. The data cable to PC. Until the flashing process runs, then release.
  9. Wait a few seconds to recognize the device and the flashing process of the Vivo Y69
  10. will run automatically.
  11. Wait for the process to finish which is marked with a green circle notification.
  12. After the above sign appears, disconnect the data cable and try turning it on.
  13. The first boot will take a little longer, so wait for it to arrive
  14. Enter the wizard menu and flashing Vivo Y69 is complete

Vivo y69 flash file from recovery sd download

One of them is the use of an SD card or TF card. Users only need to enter the firmware image file which is usually referred to as update.zip to the SD card or TF card.

This upgrade method is official and an upgrade firmware image file is provided officially from the vendor so it does not require extensive knowledge about installation.

What you need is

  1. An Android device that has never been rooted that you want to upgrade.
  2. An upgradeable firmware / ROM file (update.zip) is downloaded from the official website of the device manufacturer.
  3. TF / SD card, usually a micro SD card for use with smartphones.

Vivo y69 dead after flash File

Sometimes a lot happens to the Vivo y69 dead after flash, this can happen because of incorrect files or damage to their hardware. if the problem is only the File / Firmware error this can be fixed with the Vivo Y69 File that matches the Device.

Vivo Y69 demo unlock file

This happens because the device is not an item that is sold freely because it is only a demo item. But there are many out there who sell it at prices below the official market. How do you unlock it? Quite simply you can use the Vivo y69 demo unlock file, If you have a BOX service, you can count on it as the best solution.

Vivo y69 original firmware

Is a file released by the Vivo vendor the same as the Ota Update? You can use this file when you want to restore from a Custom ROM or only restore from a rooted device.

Vivo y69 reset tool

Many tools in the Search Engines that circulate a lot of the many choices there are PAID such as MRT UFI Miracle and Spflashtool which was developed for free. all have their own greatness.

Vivo y69 driver

The last one is the USB driver for Vivo Y69, the role of the driver is very important if your PC doesn't have the driver installed then the Flashing process will not occur.

Log UFI Tool

AUTH info: , version: 0
Firmware package: FirmwareX.Net_PD1705F_EX_A_1.8.19_vivo_mtk_ALPS-MP-N0.MP7-V1.24_mt6750
BROM version[1]: 7.2045.2.0
 DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin
  hash: 68a84647e9ea1a7c6d4ef5a778a4f5da01cfab95, size: 8.39 MiB
 version: 3.3001.00.00, start addr: 0x40000800
Connecting to BootROM...
 Power off the phone, disconnect and reconnect the battery(if possible) and connect USB cable...
 Hold the VOL UP to force MediaTek BootROM.
 Scanning BootROM or Preloader port... Done
 Detected [BootROM] MediaTek USB Port (COM21)
Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB[#5]:USB 1.10 Full-Speed
 USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version: 3.0.1504.0, date: 1-22-2015
Connecting Bootrom... 
Sending Download Agent... 
Platform: MT6750, hw ver: 0xCB00, sw ver: 0x0001
 Secure ver: 0x00, BL ver: 0x00
 SRAM size: 256 KiB
DRAM size: 3 GiB
ME ID: b9987739043655dc48560ce041cd89ed
Storage type: eMMC
Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded)
Manufacturer ID: 0x15 (Samsung)
Product name: GD6BMB (0x474436424d42), rev: 0x01, serial number: 0xF69CE4B4
Manufacturing date: Jul 2017
CID: 15010047 4436424D 4201F69C E4B474C3
Capacity: 29.13 GiB (31,281,119,232 bytes)
 Boot1: 4096 KiB
 Boot2: 4096 KiB
 RPMB: 4096 KiB (Provisioned)
 User area: 29.12 GiB(31,268,536,320 bytes)
USB speed: Full-Speed
Switching to High-Speed USB...
Switching to USB High-Speed...
 Scanning DA USB High-Speed port... Done
 Detected [DA] MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM32)
Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB[#5]:USB 1.10 High-Speed
 USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version: 3.0.1504.0, date: 1-22-2015

Verifying Soc: passed
Verifying Storage ID: passed
Writing preloader: preloader_bbk6750_66_n.bin, size: 159.91 KiB
Writing recovery: recovery-verified.img, size: 19.78 MiB
Writing survival: survival-verified.img, size: 22.62 MiB
Writing cust: oem.img, size: 27.64 MiB
Writing md1img: md1rom-verified.img, size: 18.19 MiB
Writing md1dsp: md1dsp-verified.img, size: 981.84 KiB
Writing md1arm7: md1arm7-verified.img, size: 196.17 KiB
Writing md3img: md3rom-verified.img, size: 4.10 MiB
Writing lk: lk-verified.bin, size: 1021.41 KiB
Writing lk2: lk-verified.bin, size: 1021.41 KiB
Writing boot: boot-verified.img, size: 10.80 MiB
Writing logo: logo-verified.bin, size: 365.75 KiB
Writing tee1: trustzone-verified.bin, size: 446.09 KiB
Writing tee2: trustzone-verified.bin, size: 446.09 KiB
Writing secro: secro.img, size: 132 KiB
Writing system: system.img, size: 2.96 GiB
Writing cache: cache.img, size: 6.10 MiB
Writing userdata: userdata.img, size: 673.95 MiB

Completed in 4 mins 9.091 s

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