Tesla Software Updates Can Over Speed ​​50 HP

Software updates for 50 hp Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

There has been a 3% increase for Model S and a 5% increase for Model 3 which Elon said will come out (in a few weeks) which will apply to all customers (so new and now). They have also done this in the past with Model S, which also applies to all previous Model S owners. I will not rule out that it can apply, at least to some degree, to older hardware.

Like the Tesla Model S which can increase performance faster, by updating the software. Even the performance of the Tesla S is promised to increase to 50 horsepower, leftlanenews quoted.

This statement was immediately delivered by number one Tesla Elon Musk, who stated that the Tesla Model S would be able to run faster to 50 horsepower (HP) by updating the software. This step was taken so that the Tesla Model S could rival the Porscye Taycan.

Indeed, for the record, Porsche Taycan is now one of the fastest electric cars with only 10.69 seconds to reach the topspeed 210 km / hour. While the Tesla Model S can reach 10.69 seconds with a speed of 199 km / hour.

"The fastest drag time is correct. Of course, upgrading the Model S software will be able to run faster to 50 horsepower. The Tesla Model S will become a competitor to the Porsche Taycan Turbo S," Elon Musk said.

How much horsepower does the Tesla have? Tesla Model S 2019 

Base price N / A
Engine Electric
Power 503 hp @ 6,150 rpm (375 kW)
Torque 487 lb · ft (660 N · m)

Will Tesla Model S be updated?

Today the first new update of 2020 started rolling to Teslas, and researcher Greentheonly dug into it to see what might be next. ... Tesla has routinely refreshed its models with new tweaks and configurations. The last major exterior change for the Model S was back in 2016, so it's about due for some changes.

Is Lambo faster than Tesla?

Maybe you need to see this video

It’s petrol vs electric for our latest drag race! The Model X P100D has left all other competitors in its wake when it’s taken part in previous drag races, but how will it fare when it goes up against a 740hp Aventador S? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

How do you force the Tesla software update?

Tesla software update

Yesterday, a Twitter user named Zack reported (thanks for everything Sofia did!) That she found a way to get your updates faster than just waiting and waiting and waiting. You simply enter the Software menu and hold the "Advanced" slider or press 5 times. Then start downloading! Read More

How do I cancel the Tesla software update?

Officially, Tesla does not allow that

Featured snippet from the web
You cannot cancel a software update after it has started.
You can choose from three ways to install software updates.
  1. Tap the yellow icon to display the scheduling window. ...
  2. Tap 'Control'> 'Software' to determine whether your car has a software update. ...
  3. Start the update from the Tesla application.

How do you reset Tesla?

You can contact service support

Last week, the Tesla service told me the following (for Reset B): hit the brakes, hold both steering buttons, wait 20 seconds, lift the brake and the button, T will then appear on the screen. He described this as a deeper reset than just the steering wheel button or the Power Off button on the screen.

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