Acer A1-840 Firmware ( Download Flash File )

Acer A1-840 Firmware ( Download Flash File )
Download Firmware Acer A1-840 for repair Software Acer A1-840 custom rom/ Update Acer Iconia A1-830 firmware. Are your Acer A1-840 having problems? Hang the logo, Imei Null baseband unknow. Restarting on its own even experienced bootlop or the most terrible one is hardbrick, where your device is just a step towards the dump.

Don't worry, we have a few solutions, remember, only some solutions. What is the solution, which is only one Reinstall / flashing so your device will return to normal (Terms and conditions apply only if your device experiences a corrupted software feature).

Firmware 20/06/2020

type: ROM size: 904.8MB
md5: 8685ce8b07df49f3d2fd1336acf3b462

type: ROM size: 911MB
md5: 3977290beed76069471bae78217d9919

type: ROM size: 5.2MB

type: Other size: 53.8MB

SDUpdate 20/06/2020

SDs Acer_AV0K1_A1-840_RV0XRC02_WW_GEN1.zip
type: ROM size: 902.7MB
md5: 835eb88fbe9d8515c6511c4521782974

type: ROM size: 908.8MB
md5: 42f04ea1b53e16591df7e76f64dca589

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