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hikvision default password


Hikvision is a leading manufacturer of advanced surveillance and security products and solutions. They offer a wide range of security cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), and other related products and services. As part of their security measures, Hikvision requires users to set up a unique password for each camera or DVR. This password is known as the “default password”, and it is used to gain access to the device. It is important to note that the default password is not the same for all Hikvision devices, and users should always change it to a unique password for security purposes.

How to Reset Your Hikvision Default Password

If you have a Hikvision device, such as a camera or a DVR, you may need to reset the default password in order to access the device. Resetting the default password is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. 

To reset your Hikvision default password: 
  1.  Obtain the device's serial number and verification code from the label on the rear panel of the device. 
  2.  Go to the Hikvision website (www.hikvision.com) and select “Reset Password” from the Support dropdown menu. 
  3. Enter the serial number and verification code in the form fields. 4. Create a new password and security answer. 
  4.  Click the “Submit” button to finish the reset process. You can now use your new password to access the device. It is important to remember the new password, as you will need it to configure the device. Be sure to keep the new password secure and not to share it with anyone else.

Common Troubleshooting Tips for Hikvision Default Password Issues

If you are having trouble accessing your Hikvision IP camera, DVR, or NVR using the default password, here are some tips to help you troubleshoot the issue. 

  1. Check the product manual: The default password can be different depending on the model of the product and what version of firmware it is running. Check the manual to confirm the default password for your device. 
  2. Check the label: Some Hikvision products may have a label on the bottom or side of the device with the default username and password printed on it. 
  3. Reset the device: If you have lost the user manual or can’t find the label, you can try resetting the device to its factory default settings. This will reset the password to the default. 
  4. Contact Hikvision Support: If you are still unable to access your device, contact Hikvision support for assistance. They can help you reset your password and provide additional troubleshooting tips.

Best Practices for Securing Your Hikvision Default Password

When setting up a Hikvision security system, it is essential to secure the default password. Without taking the proper precautions, your system may be vulnerable to hackers. To help ensure your security, here are some best practices for securing your Hikvision default password. 

  1. Change the Default Password Immediately: Choose a strong password that consists of a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long and avoid using obvious words like your name or address. 
  2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication: Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring additional information, such as a code sent via text message or email, to verify the user. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your security system. 
  3. Enable Password Complexity Rules: Most Hikvision systems allow you to turn on password complexity rules, which require passwords to have a certain number of characters and to contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. This makes it much harder for hackers to guess your password.
  4. Enable IP Filtering: IP filtering allows you to restrict access to your system from specific IP addresses. This is an effective way to prevent unauthorized access from hackers who are attempting to guess your password.
  5. Use a VPN: Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will add an extra layer of security by encrypting any data that is sent over the internet. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to intercept the data and gain access to your system. By following these best practices, you can ensure that your Hikvision system is secure and protected from unauthorized access. Make sure to regularly change your password and enable the security features listed above to maximize your protection.

How to Change Your Hikvision Default Password for Maximum Security

Securing your Hikvision camera system is essential to protect your data and security. Changing the default password for your Hikvision system is one of the most important steps you can take for maximum security. Here is how to change your Hikvision default password for maximum security. 
  1. Log in to the Hikvision camera using the default administrator or root user account. 
  2. Select the “User Management” tab from the menu. 
  3. Select the “Change Password” option from the “User Management” menu. 
  4. Create a new password that meets the minimum length requirements and contains at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character. 
  5. Enter the new password twice to confirm it and click “OK” to save the changes. 
  6.  Log out of the system and log back in using the new password. By changing the default password for your Hikvision camera system, you can ensure that your data and security are protected. Make sure to choose a strong and unique password that will be difficult to guess. Following these steps will help you keep your Hikvision system secure.

Unlocking and Utilizing the Full Potential of Your Hikvision Default Password

The default password for a Hikvision camera is a critical tool to ensure your security system is set up properly. However, many users are unaware of the full potential of their Hikvision default password. Unlocking and utilizing the full potential of your Hikvision default password is essential to truly maximize the security of your system. The first step to unlocking and utilizing the full potential of your Hikvision default password is to change it. By default, the Hikvision default password is set to “123456.” This password is incredibly easy to guess and can be easily cracked by hackers. To protect your security system, it is highly recommended that you change your default password to something unique and complex. Once you have changed your password, it is important to make sure it is kept secure. It is advised that you store your password in a safe place, such as a password manager or a secure document. Additionally, avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. This will help ensure that your security system remains safe from hackers. The next step to unlocking and utilizing the full potential of your Hikvision default password is to enable two-factor authentication. This is an added layer of security that requires you to enter a second code in order to access your account. This code is usually sent to your phone or email, ensuring that only you can access your account. Enabling two-factor authentication is a simple process, and it is recommended that all users utilize this feature. Finally, it is important to keep your system up to date. Hikvision regularly releases updates to improve the security of its systems. By ensuring that your system is up-to-date, you can help protect your security system from any new security threats. By following these steps, you can unlock and utilize the full potential of your Hikvision default password. Taking the time to change your password, secure it, enable two-factor authentication, and keep your system up-to-date will help ensure that your security system is as safe as possible.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the default password of Hikvision devices should be changed immediately upon installation. Using the default password puts the device at risk of being hacked and compromised. It is highly recommended that the user change the password to something more secure and avoid using the same password for multiple devices.
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