Oppo A12 CPH2083PUEX Wipe Data and FRP

Oppo A12 CPH2083PUEX is a budget smartphone from Oppo that runs on the Android operating system. If you're looking to reset the device to its factory settings, wiping the data and removing the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock can be necessary. This process can be achieved by using an unlock tool, which can help you to unlock the device's bootloader and allow you to install custom firmware or applications. In this article, we will discuss how to wipe data and remove FRP from the Oppo A12 CPH2083PUEX using an unlock tool.

[BROM] FACTORY RESET + FRP Initializing usb... OK
Waiting for device... COM10 [BOOTROM:0E8D:0003]
Bypassing authentication... OK
Analyzing... preloader_oppo6765_19451.bin [MT6765:10:1712] [Internal]
Handshaking... OK
Reading hardware info... OK
  Hardware : MT6765 [Helio G25|G35|P35] 0766 8A00 CA00 0000
  Security Config : SCB SLA DAA 
  MEID : C2B9F166FA9B58743AFC72028613FC4B
Sending Download-Agent... OK
Syncing with target... OK
Booting device... OK
Syncing with DA... OK
  Storage : EMMC - CID : 44000115.4D383644.A3D60242.AD2700CB 
  Vendor : Samsung - Name : DD68MB - Serial : 13345750 - Rev : 2
  Boot1 : 4 MiB - Boot2 : 4 MiB - RPMB : 4 MiB - User Area : 29,12 GiB 
Reading partition info... OK [42]
Reading device info... OK
   Model Name : CPH2083
   Manufacturer : OPPO
   Platform : oppo6765_19451
   Android Version : 9
   Security Patch : 2022-01-05
   Build ID : CPH2083EX_11_A.67
   Build Date : Tue Jan 18 22:59:32 CST 2022
   Market Name : OPPO A12
   OTA Version : CPH2083PUEX_11.A.67_0670_202201182155
Erasing FRP... OK
Erasing USERDATA... OK

UNLOCKTOOL 2023.03.29.0
Elapsed time : 1 minute 30 seconds

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