Huangmi M5 Firmware Mediatek And Pac Flash File (Google Drive)

huangmi m5 firmware
huangmi m5 firmware

If you find your Huangmi M5 stuck on the logo or experiencing application crashes, you can potentially resolve these issues by flashing the device. Firmwarezip provides the 2017 and 2018 versions of Huangmi M5 firmware, offering a solution for the striped screen problem after flashing. Follow these steps to flash your Huangmi M5:

Huangmi M5 Fix Firmware for SPD/Speadtrum:

Firmware Download:

  1. Use FactoryDownload, UpgradeDownload, or ResearchDownload tools.
  2. Extract the downloaded Huangmi Firmware.
  3. Open UpgradeDownload, FactoryDownload, or ResearchDownload.
  4. Click on "Load packet" and navigate to the firmware folder, then select the .PAC file.
  5. Click on "Start."
  6. Connect the device by holding the Volume Up and Down buttons.
  7. The flashing process will run automatically; wait until it completes.
  8. Huangmi M5 Firmware Mediatek:

Firmware Download:Mediatek Firmware

  • To avoid issues after flashing, uncheck Preloader.
  • Download the firmware file.
  • For the password, check the caption on the right side of the RAR file.
  • M5's DUMP FILE Mediatek:

Download:Dump File

  • Instructions to Fill Dump (CSD Bug):Enter the factory image and select Mediatek.
  • Input scatter file for Ext CSD replacement.
  • Input the dump file.

  • When writing the dump, do not tick Ext CSD.
  • Notes:This file is a backup from a normal phone.
  • If there are minor bugs, read how to fill the dump.
  • Perform a factory reset via recovery if experiencing bootloop.

Additional Files:
Replacement Ext CSD Download
Full Dump Download

  • Password Information:To access the password, double-click the RAR file and check the right side.
  • Post-Dump Writing Steps:Ensure BOOT PARTITION BOOT 1 is enabled for boot.


Flashing your Huangmi M5 with the appropriate firmware can address issues such as boot loops and striped screens. Make sure to follow the provided instructions carefully, and back up your data before the flashing process to avoid potential data loss. If you encounter any bugs, refer to the instructions for resolving dump-related issues.

This guide is intended for experienced users, and caution should be exercised during the flashing process.
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