Congratulations! PS4 Remote Play Now Available on All Android Smartphones

Once exclusively available on Sony smartphones, Remote Play for Play Station 4 (PS4) is now available to other Android users as well.

What would it take to prepare? Check out the following.

1. Recent Firmware Updates.

Sony has set up a firmware update of version 7.00. This update brings the Remote Play feature to Android devices version 5.0 and above. Please check and update your PS4 to enjoy this feature.

2. Download PS4 Second Screen

Download PS4 Second Screen

The next step is to find and install the PS4 Second Screen app in the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can login with your PSN account to use this application.

3. Stable and Fast Internet Connection

Stable and Fast Internet Connection

Please note, for smooth play with Remote Play this requires a stable and fast internet connection. This applies both to the PS4 console and to the smartphone.

Please try and enjoy!

Arjun Lap
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