How to Activate Instagram Dark Mode, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter on iPhone & Android

FirmwareZip-Dark Mode with a dark all-round visual display has become a new trend of Android and iOS Mobile application today.

Because, besides being more comfortable in the eyes, Dark Mode can save battery power.

You can now activate the feature in various applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Youtube, and others.

How do you activate it?

Check out how to activate Dark Mode, aka Dark Mode Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Youtube on Android and iOS, quoted from various sources:

Here's how to activate Instagram Dark Mode on the iPhone:

Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode

  1. iOS 13
    IPhone users are required to install iOS 13 first.
  2. Activate Dark Mode
    How to activate the dark mode on the iPhone, which is open settings / settings -> Display -> select Dark Mode.
  3. Download the Latest Instagram
If you have applied Dark Mode on the iPhone, then re-download your Instagram. Automatically Dark Mode on Instagram will be replaced.

How to activate Instagram Dark Mode on an Android phone:

  1. Have a Dark Mode
    Make sure your Android has Dark Mode in the settings.
  2. Activate Dark Mode
    You also need to first activate Dark Mode on your Android.
    Go to Settings -> Display -> Night Mode -> On.
  3. Beta Version
    Cellphones are required to support the Beta version. How to use the Beta version by opening the Play Store.Then, scroll down until you find the reading "You're a Beta Tester" and select Join Beta.

Instagram Beta version
Re-download your Instagram Beta. Automatically Dark Mode on Instagram will be replaced

WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp has not yet released the Dark Mode or Dark Mode feature to the public.Only certain users test the beta.

However, you can still taste WhatsApp Dark Mode even though this feature has not been officially released yet.

Here's how to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android

  1. First click on the settings (settings) - display (display). Then select the theme (select theme) - dark (dark).
    For information that Android has provided a dark theme, especially on the version of Android Q.
  2. After activating a dark theme, you still need to ensure other settings in the developer options.
  3. The trick is to click on the settings again - then choose about the phone (about phone).
  4. Scroll down until you find the 'build number'.
  5. Click 7 times on the number until the warning appears 'developer mode has been activated'.
  6. After that, look for the 'override force-dark' option then activate it. This is used to ensure that this dark theme is also applied to WhatsApp.
  7. You can also choose to use a dark background theme to get the WhatsApp Dark Mode look like the original.

For iOS users, dark mode can be easily activated in the iOS 13 Public Beta version.

  • The trick, enter the settings menu or settings, then select the Brightness and Display - activate dark mode.
  • Dark Mode can also be done by using the Smart Inverse feature which can change the screen color from light to dark.
  • How to enter the settings, then select the accessibility - display accommodations then select smart inverse.
  • Choose a dark WhatsApp background to get the complete dark mode feature.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Some applications have the arrival of this dark mode such as YouTube, Twitter, and even the Windows 10 operating system.

Likewise with Messenger, the instant messaging application made by Facebook apparently also has the arrival of dark mode.

Dark mode in other applications is usually activated via the clearly displayed settings menu.

But it is different with Messenger.

Dark mode in this Facebook chat application is activated in a unique way, by sending emojis to other users.

Precisely, the emoji that must be sent is the crescent. Once sent, the Messenger display will turn completely dark.

Summarized KompasTekno from Mobile Syrup, Monday (3/4/2019), when the user successfully activates dark mode, a pop-up message will appear.

The message contains information informing us that the related features are still under development.

This method can be applied by Messenger users on Android or iOS.

Unfortunately, the Messenger dark mode feature is still in the testing phase so that only a handful of users can see it.

Dark mode on Messenger has been announced by Facebook since May 2018, then began the trial phase in early January 2019 in certain countries.

Twitter Dark Mode

Twitter Dark Mode

For those of you who are bored with the white Twitter background, it's good to try this one feature.

Here gives a way to change Twitter's background to Dark Mode, aka Dark Mode:

  1. Open Twitter
  2. Select the 'profile' option in the top left corner.
  3. Select settings and privacy.
  4. Select the display.
  5. Change the background to dark mode.
  6. Your Twitter background automatically changes to 'dark mode'.

Gmail Dark Mode

Gmail Dark Mode

Google officially began pouring Dark Mode with a dark display to the Gmail service on the Android and iOS platforms.

Users who have already gotten that feature can activate dark mode via the settings menu in the Gmail application.

There is a new option that says "theme" or "theme".

That's where users can choose to use dark themes or not.

But if the user is already using Android 10 or iOS 13 on the device, the dark mode in Gmail will automatically activate.

So users do not need to bother entering the settings menu to activate the mode.

Google itself has brought this all-dark theme to a number of its services such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Messages, to Snapseed.

Reportedly in the near future the Google Play Store app store will also get a dark theme. (*)
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