Redmi 4A Rolex: MIUI 8/9/10 Global Fastboot / Recovery / Custom ROM Collection

In this article I will share the Global Redmi 4A ROM with the Rolex code. After we discuss about Redmi 4A Remove Micloud And Reset FRP 100% Clean

Before downloading the ROM below, make sure you know the difference between Fastboot ROM (.tgz) and Recovery ROM (.zip)

A# What is the difference between fastboot ROM and recovery ROM?

1. Fastboot ROM.
  • with the extension .tgz / .tar;
  • will delete all data in Internal Storage (except using special tricks);
  • flashing with the Fastboot Update method and EDL Mode using MiFlash Tools or SP Flash Tools (Mediatek);
  • can be used to downgrade;
  • can be used to overcome Xiaomi bootloop / hardbrick.
2. Recovery ROM
  • with the extension .zip;
  • use the update method with System Update / Recovery Update via TWRP or Mi Recovery;
  • not erase internal data except doing Wipe / Factory Reset;
  • used to update the ROM version of Xiaomi (can't downgrade).

B# Understanding Redmi 4 Family.

Redmi 4 is one of Xiaomi which has many variants, consider the following to find out which Redmi 4 you are.

Check MIUI Version via Settings »About Device:

  • BE: Redmi 4 Prime (Markw), for example MIUI Version: MBEMIFI
  • CE: Redmi 4 (Prada), for example MIUI Version: MCEMIFI
  • AM: Redmi 4X (Santoni), for example MIUI Version: NAMMIFI
  • CC: Redmi 4A (Rolex), for example MIUI Version: NCCMIXM

So, don't make the wrong choice of ROM, don't let the quota be broken because of downloading the wrong ROM.

C# ROM Redmi 4A (Rolex) Global Collection MIUI 8/9/10

ROM Redmi 4A (Rolex) Global Collection

MIUI 10 NougatV10.2.1.0V10.2.1.0
MIUI 9 NougatV9.6.5.0V9.6.5.0
MIUI 9 NougatV9.5.6.0V9.5.6.0
MIUI 9 NougatV9.5.4.0V9.5.4.0
MIUI 9 NougatV9.2.6.0V9.2.6.0
MIUI 8 MarshmallowV8.5.7.0V8.5.7.0
MIUI 8 MarshmallowV8.2.9.0V8.2.9.0
MIUI 8 MarshmallowV8.5.5.0V8.5.5.0
MIUI 8 MarshmallowV8.5.1.0V8.5.1.0
MIUI 8 MarshmallowV8.1.4.0V8.1.4.0

D# Custom ROM Redmi 4A Rolex:

1. Pixel Experience
Is a ROM of pure Android (AOSP) which is equipped with all Pixel Phone features such as launchers, wallpapers, icons, fonts and bootanimation.

Google Apps is included so there's no need to install GApps anymore.

Download here: Pixel Experience. |

2. Xiaomi.EU
The ROM is the Official China ROM which was modified by the MIUI Europe ROM Developer to make it look like Global ROM or International ROM.

Like Global ROM, there is the Google Play Store and Google Apps;
The Xiaomi.EU ROM has a Stable and Developer version with very fast updates;

Download it here: Xiaomi.EU

3. Resurrection Remix
Resurrection Remix ROM is a ROM result from a combination of CyanogenMod, Slim.Omni and the Resurrection Remix build itself. This ROM offers better performance, many customizations and other features.

Google Apps is included so there's no need to install GApps anymore.

Download it here: Resurrection Remix. |

E# How to Flash / Update Redmi 4A ROM (Rolex)

How to update via System Update read here;
How to flash a Xiaomi ROM read here;
For Custom ROM, install with TWRP. Read how to install TWRP Redmi 4 (Prada) here or the latest Official TWRP here.
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